The 16 Best Health Blogs and Websites

¡Welcome to CJEB.CA! This is our very first post of our blog. In this website we will cover topics ranging from fitness, to excercise, to great nutrition.

Today we’ve brought to you what we thing are the best health blogs you’ll find on the net. Hope you like them!

Health Advice

  1. Weight Matters.
  2. Chris Kresser.
  3. Precision nutrition

Healthy Tips

  1. Mark’s Daily Apple.
  2. Wellness Mama.
  3. Hello Healthy.
  4. Stupid Easy Paleo.
  5. JillFit.
  6. Fitnessista.
  7. Urología Médica Monterrey.

Happiness Tips

  1. Zen Habits.
  2. Mentality Wod.
  3. Daily Cup of Yoga.
  4. Tiny Buddha.
  5. TED Blog.
  6. The minimalists.

We hope you can find this blogs useful! If you would like to add a blog, please, feel free to send us a message! We would love yo hear your suggestions. Also, if you liked the post, share it with your friends!